Playtech Roulette Games

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Teddy Sagi founded them in 1999. Sagi was a London based Israeli businessman. His company Playtech PLC is arguably the world’s largest online casino gaming software supplier listed on the (LSE) London Stock Exchange. The company was also floated in 2006 at a price which evaluated the company at about 550 million pounds.

The isle of a man-based firm produces and supplies software to online casinos, fixed-odds arcade games, bingos, sports betting, live dealer games and binary options, poker rooms, scratch games, mobile gaming, and social gaming. All of the company’s products can be freely incorporated into existing real-time systems as a standalone app because they are a part of a unified platform.

The gaming software company has about five thousand employees in multiple countries including Israel, the Isle of Man, Bulgaria, Sweden, Ukraine, Germany, United Kingdom, Estonia, Philippines, Gibraltar, ad Cyprus.

The roulette software

Playtech offers a whole lot of roulette gaming services and opportunities. The standard version of the roulette game which the company offer is doesn’t have a whole lot of features. The definitive version includes American, European, Pro, and Club variations. All of these games visualize wheels in the top-left hand corner of the screen, while the other part of the screen shows the entire betting layout. At the end of each roulette spin, the player will view a close up of the rest point of the roulette ball.

One other option is the PlayTech Roulette series. Just as the name implies, players will find American, French, European, Pro, and NewAR variations of the game. The premium series features a layout of the screen, which is quite similar to that of the regular game version. However, this variant offers enhanced graphics, which make the betting layout appear much better.

In this version, the player is afforded the option such as modifying the camera angle and changing the felt colour on the betting grid, while the roulette wheel can be found above the betting grid. Another option lets the player reverse the direction, in which the roulette wheel spins. The game version also includes a stats button, which will represent visually the wheel showing the hot and cold numbers.

The company also offers a 3D version of the roulette game, which comes with impressive graphics. The downside is that it’s not as smooth as what you’ll experience in the premium version.

The Playtech’s 3D version features a large wheel, which can be found above the betting area. The feature will suit those players who need a close-up variant of roulette.

Another notable option is the multi-wheel roulette, a suitable choice for players who crave for more action. The version, coupled with the multi-wheel roulette provides the casino player with the opportunity to control up to six different tables at the same time. The players will also be able to place a single bet, thus, enabling him/her to play at all six tables simultaneously.

Along with the standard variant of the roulette game, Playtech also offers Mini Roulette, Marvel Roulette, Pinball Roulette.