3 General Rules on Meratrim Dosage you should follow

First of all, we will want to inform you that these are just general suggestion that has worked for most people who have used Meratrim 100 pure for weight loss purposes. They should normally correspond with the information you will also find on pure Meratrim label. Where you find a different information on the pure Meratrim label, you should follow that. Better still, you should talk to your doctor to advice you on how to benefit from Meratrim weight loss features.

The 3 rules include:

  • You should take Meratrim in 400 mg servings. In line with this, a capsule of Meratrim usually contains 500 mg of Meratrim 100 pure. This implies that each time you want to use the supplement, you should take just a capsule.
  • It is generally recommended that you take your Meratrim supplement twice a day. Taking the Meratrim supplement twice a day is believed to be perfect for aiding your weight loss goal. Better Meratrim results will be achieved if you are combining taking the supplement twice a day with exercising and not eating more than 2000 kcal every day.
  • If you are wondering the best times to take the product, you should go for 30 minutes prior to taking your breakfast and dinner. This will normally be in the morning and in the night.

It is possible that your doctor might make minor changes to the recommendation as you might be required to take 3 tablets a day. There are also instances that you might be told to stay away from the supplement if you have specific medical conditions, if you are a nursing mother or you are pregnant.