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levitraTo disappoint your partner in bed is a serious threat to the relationship. And the ability of any man to sustain erection declines as his years increases. However, health or psychological factors are capable of introducing the devil called erectile dysfunction in a man’s life at any time. Hence, erectile dysfunction may be inevitable for every man. But there is no course for alarm, Generic Levitra has been introduced to keep every man active and to help them get more sex even as they grow older. The active ingredient for Generic Levitra is vardenafil, a clinically tried ingredient with astonishing success in the management of erectile dysfunction among men. How will Generic Levitra help you sustain erection? The active ingredient for Generic Levitra acts by smoothing the muscles of your penis to allow good volume of blood flow through it. It also blocks the enzyme responsible for reducing blood flow through your penis to support the occurrence of normal erection with maximum supply of necessary hormones. Generic Levitra 20mg is the maximum dose for vardenafil even though some very severe ED patients may exceed this dosage on recommendation. Generic Levitra 20mg is equivalent to 100mg of sildenafil, a similar PDE5 inhibitor also used by men in the treatment of ED.

How do I use Generic Levitra?

livitra-pil10 mg of Generic levitra is taken orally once a day, as needed, approximately 60 minutes before sexual activity. An increase to Generic Levitra 20mg or decrease to 5mg would be based on efficacy and tolerability after the first dosage. Most importantly, generic levitra 20mg is the maximum dose you are eligible to take in one day. Do not exceed the dosage on your personal approval.

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livitra-pillsMost users prefer to buy Generic Levitra online for discrete purpose. And of course the cheapest Generic LEVITRA is observed to be gotten from online. Very important to note, be informed that buying generic levitra online exposes you to risk of counterfeit products. For this reason, please ensure to buy Generic Levitra online from recommended pharmacies or drugstores.