When gambling treatment isn’t working – what to do

A problem gambler would seek help when it’s evident that things are going south. These are clients who would receive the gambling treatment in different stages, such as the resistance or acceptance phase. Some usually accept the severity of their gambling activities and the disorders that have ensured from it. Recognizing the problem makes them extremely motivated, giving them a real reason to continue with the treatment program.

It is common for people struggling with this addiction to go through different phases before they are ready to receive treatment, and these treatment stages are tailored to each individual. Even though some are quick to accept the problem and snap out of the delusion phase. Being able to leave this phase makes it easy for them to seek help, while others who find it hard to catch out of this phase end up being forced into treatment either by loved ones, colleagues, or even the law.

People who do not accept these facts and are unwilling to enter into treatment end up feeling ‘pushed’ into treatment. They might be seeking help just because they want to please someone, and that’s the wrong way to go. You shouldn’t feel forced to do things that will help you get your life from zero to a hundred.

When you feel rushed, you’ll hardly get positive results as you’ll only be doing this to please someone rather than focusing on helping yourself. When you don’t feel like you need to be somewhere, you won’t psychologically be in congruence with the treatments that have been offered to you. Its part of the compulsive gambling’s attributes – denying that there is a problem even when there are clear signs. Denial is the number one enemy for people seeking the success of gambling treatment.

While most problem gamblers do overcome the denial phase and let go of their resistance towards treatment, a small percentage of these people don’t. They fail to let go of their resistance during their treatment, and they reluctantly follow through with the procedure. Rather than practicing all the tips and medicines that they are given; they instead go for the easy ones and would quickly follow the easy path. As a result of the ‘safe’ and ‘easy’ ways, they relapse. These are types of people who would dictate to the doctor the types of treatment and prescription they prefer.

Gambling relapse.

Speaking of gambling relapse, it is a process that psychologically tricks you into falling into your old behavior. The brain does this to get back what you’ve deprived it. There are certain things that can lead you back to your ancient practices are your unsettling finance situation, peer pressure, or some trigger actions that subconsciously draws you back in.

Ways of preventing Gambling relapse.

There are systems specially designed to prevent relapse prevention. It is an approach that helps the recovering gambler to change his behavioral pattern and imbibe a new one. With these relapse prevention approaches, you can anticipate those scenarios and situations that would draw you back into that unhealthy addiction.

There is no particular yardstick that acts as a threshold on what preventive relapse measures are. But it will be helpful to understand the differences between relapse and a lapse. According to how they were defined in the field of substance use research, the lapse is a state in which a person behaves in an inconsistent way during their behavioral change—for instance, smoking a stick after you’ve decided to abstain from cigarettes completely. On the other hand, relapse means the individual feels that they can’t control their addictions or continues to display the habit or continues to consume the abstract or physical substances after a period of abstinence.

The main objective of a relapse prevention program is to identify specific situations that put the person at a high risk of relapse. It also increases their ability to stay sober. In problem gambling, however, the treatments are implemented after the client has completed the treatment process. You can also apply these treatments before the treatment starts.

How to get back on your feet after a gambling relapse.

During gambling withdrawal, there are times when you’d feel like going back to your old ways. This is when you feel weak. The fact that you’ve reached out for help does count for something. There are tips that will help you get back on track. These steps include:

Learning to forgive yourself.

There are no two ways about it. A relapse can be a bit dicey as your brain would be tricked into submission, making you feel like you can’t go on without that substance you are trying to avoid. It is crucial that you forgive yourself when you fall once in a while. Changing the past is impossible; focusing on the present and future is critical. Cut yourself some slack and forge ahead. Rather than cry over spilled milk, make a plan to prevent that scenario from happening again.

Pay attention to your triggers.

Once you’ve forgiven yourself, it is time to deal with your triggers. Relapse tends to happen when it has some unresolved triggers. These triggers range from familiar smell to an unhealthy relationship. Identify these triggers and take adequate steps to prevent it from happening in the future. How do you reduce these triggers? Start by meditating, reading books, and trying to build new and positive habits.

Seek professional help.

You shouldn’t wait for things to go south completely before seeking help. Your gambling addiction could be as a result of something more profound. Talk to a therapist and explore your feeling and unravel the hidden emotions that lies within you. While at it, you should also ask for financial advice – professionals that can give you reliable tips on how to help you keep your money and dealing with your debts.

Talk to your loved ones.

One of the ways of effectively dealing with an addiction is coming out clean to your loved ones. When you keep hiding your problem from your family and friends, then you are not doing them any favor. Come out clean and fight the addiction together.

Benefits of Cordyceps

Cordyceps is a fungus, which inhabits certain caterpillars in the high mountain regions of China. Manufacturers of supplements can get sufficient quantity of this product.Used potently in treating coughs, kidney disorders, respiratory disorders, chronic bronchitis, high cholesterol, dizziness, unwanted waste loss. Apart from this, there are other health benefits which includes the strengthening of the immune system, reducing the effect of aging, improving athletic performance and improving the liver function of those suffering hepatitis B. Pure Cordyceps are grown in low temperature.

How Does It Work?

Cordyceps helps in improving immunity through the stimulation of the cells and specific chemicals in the immune system. The following are some of the health benefits obtained from using this miraculous fungus.

  • Prevention of respiratory weakness and distress
  • Helps in the detoxification of the body and improvement of the health of the kidney
  • Helps in the prevention of heart disorders and arrhythmia.

Side Effects

For most people who have taken cordyceps through a short-term period have the tendency of being safe from any side effects. Apart from the numerous benefits, there are special warnings and precaution, which must be taking. One of such is bleeding disorders. Cordyceps has the capability of slowing down the clotting of the blood, which might increase the risk of bleeding for those with bleeding disorders.

Cordyceps mushroom is part of the most priced energy enhancer and immune modulator adaptogens in China. It has been used by the people of Nepal, Tibet, and China of hundreds of years. The extract could be in liquid or powdered form and can be added to beverages, teas or blended drinks. The mushrooms are of different types including special formulations. It has been recommended for those who want to take the tea to take twice per day. This should be in the morning and evening. The mushroom powder is used as an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and even much more. The recommended powder usage is about 100mg daily.

Cordyceps has a minimal effect on reducing the blood sugar level; this can be dangerous for patients who have diabetics. Therefore, they should be aware of the side effects before adding any of this potently best supplements in their food or drink. Take advantage of the different benefits and boost your overall health condition.

Benefits of Sea Cucumber Extract

Sea cucumber extract has been found to offer some enormous Health benefits. It’s high nutrition also makes it one of the most sorted after diet among the Chinese people. The Chinese people have been consuming this sea creature as food and medicinal purpose. Although the marine creature is flavorless but can absorb flavor from seasoning as well as food that it is cooked with.

The Sea Cucumber Extract and Cancer Treatment

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world. Annually, millions of people are diagnosed with the disease and many of which rely on chemotherapy alone as a treatment option. Sea cucumber extract is effective for prevention of cancer including during chemotherapy treatment. It contains a large amount of a compound called triterpene glycosides, which have anti-tumor activity. The extract helps to prevent cancer cells from spreading. According to a Chinese study on health benefits of sea cucumber, the marine creature was found to contain a compound called philinopside E, which inhibits the formation of blood vessels responsible for supplying tumors with nutrients.

How To Use Sea Cucumber

The deep-sea creature can be consumed fresh or dried. Supplements are also available in capsules and powder forms.

Supplement side effects

The supplement is 100% natural and contains extract from the edible deep sea creature. For many centuries, the Chinese people have consumed it as food without any side effects or complications. The supplement is safe but make sure you buy from a reputable supplier to avoid counterfeit or fake products.

Where to buy

The price of the supplement online is cheaper than what it is sold offline. That’s why many people prefer to buy online. Once you place an order online, the supplement will be delivered to your doorsteps right away.

Conjugated linoleic acid supplements – Insulin boost

Conjugated linoleic acid supplements are natural, non-stimulants. Although many conjugated linoleic acid researches do not agree with this fact, it is still widely accepted by people who have attested to the conjugated linoleic acid supplement capabilities. These conjugated linoleic acid pills are available for use both for the purpose of body fat reduction, its anti-inflammatory properties, anti- cancer effect, effect on appetite and body insulin.

Some arguable studies have found that conjugated linoleic acid supplements are almost the best way that one can derive the best out of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) since they have been formulated to contain a specific balance of conjugated linoleic acid isomers also known as chemical compounds which are biologically active. A direct intake of conjugated linoleic acid food sources alone would not be sufficient for someone whose body requires a good amount to achieve the supplement benefit. Hence, the use of conjugated linoleic acid pills is very much accepted.

Worthy of note is that all conjugated linoleic acid supplements are not the same! Yes because as their brand names are different so is the amount of CLA’s different, also depending on the conjugated linoleic acid food sources the pills are made from. Since these brands contain different oils in their ingredients’ list, a little calculation is required to ascertain if you are getting the actual amount (3.4 grams) that you need daily. The most commonly used conjugated linoleic acid pills is a patented form known as Tonalin.

What is Viagra?

If you want a super active drug that helps you get a lasting erection, research had discovered a very potent element known as Viagra that allows men with erectile dysfunction to still enjoy sex.

Viagra (sildenafil citrate) is a medical prescription that is used to treat erectile dysfunction (ED) and impotence in men. They are taken orally with water. It works through increased blood flow to men’s reproductive organ in order to help them achieve and sustain a lasting erection usually four to six hours when being stimulated. Dosage may differ depending on how much the system of a person can handle. This drug shall be taken at least thirty (30) to sixty (60) minutes before intercourse.

Viagra generic (cenforce, vigora, silagra, suhagra, caverta., etc.,) is one of the most effective medications for sexual disorders such as erectile dysfunction. This drug helps men achieve longer hours in sexual activity.Aside from men, there are also studies that proved Viagra for women are effective. Unlike the commercial Viagra for men, these female Viagra are also known as herbal supplements that promotes sexual benefits for women

Viagra for sale

This medication is very easy to get. You can avail it online or visit a local pharmacy store that sells the drug. But because of emerging technology, many people enjoy the ease of getting the drug when they see Viagra for sale online. There are many dependable online pharmacy stores that offer discounts and coupons to make it easier for people to obtain the drug.

How long Viagra does last

The length of time how long Viagra lasts will vary from person to person, but it has been identified to effect up to five hours at a time, when used alongside sexual stimulation. Most men will find the effects of the pill will start to wear off 2-3 hours after first taking it.

Diet guide to Detoxing your Colon

In today’s society, gastrointestinal problem are prolific. This is because of the way people eat and the kind of food items that is bought, which lack the required nutrients for a healthy digestion. To make matter worse, we are constantly overloaded with toxins from pesticides, pharmaceuticals, and vaccines. There has been concerns for many about which diet colonic detox plan that will be effective for them. Colon cleanse is the best way of reducing colon cancer and aid the overall well-being of your body. The colon cleansing diet plan is among the best colon cleanse method. It is simply a way of including food items that will help in cleaning the colon. The following are some food that will help you if you want to undergo a diet colonic detox diet plan.

  • Dark Leafy Greens: The consumption of green leafy vegetables such as Kale and Spinach will help in cleansing the colon and safeguarding your digestive tract from other ailments. Green fruits and vegetables has been said to be the best diet colonic detox way of cleansing the colon.
  • Cruciferous Vegetables: These items are known to be the best colon cleanse and is beneficial in aiding digestion. The good news is that they contain about 20-40 percent of the daily fiber requirement in only about 100 calories. This is sufficient in erasing any naught food you have consumed.Though officially it isn’t the best colon cleanse method, but can help in the daily detoxification process.
  • Garlic: This is medicinal with its root herb having antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-parasitic properties. These properties help in the removal of toxins, parasites, and pathogens from the digestive tracks, especially from the colons.

While the three-diet plan can help, we cannot certify it as the best colon cleanse. This is so because the effectiveness of the substance will not be the same for everyone. So, if you decide on buying other supplements to compliment with these, look for a safe place to buy colon detox that is certified by an authority.

Best Skin Rejuvenation Procedures for Men and Women

Laser skin rejuvenation is one of the newest cosmetic procedures and its popularity is increasing among the population worldwide. Much of this acceptance is due to the fact that laser skin rejuvenation has some advantages over other methods of skin rejuvenation such as less bleeding, bruising and discomfort. This method also needs a shorter recovery period because modern lasers are safer and smoother than they were in the past.

Benefits of Laser Facial Rejuvenation

The benefits surrounding laser facial rejuvenation focus on the less invasive nature of the procedure. Skin problems such as moderate or severe acne, crow’s feet and wrinkles in general can be diminished by the laser rays, as these remove the skin tissue, layer by layer. With the procedure, the blood vessels are sealed, thus reducing the risks of bruising, bleeding and discomfort during the recovery period.

Characteristics of patients

The ideal patients for a skin rejuvenation treatment are those who want to improve their appearance through a relatively fast procedure with a limited period of inactivity. Other reasons for wanting to undergo treatment may be increased self-confidence thanks to the results obtained as a better physical appearance.

Over time, patients who undergo treatment have smoother skin and a more youthful appearance. However, goals should always be realistic and the patients must understand from the outset that the procedure is designed to improve physical appearance, not achieve perfection. During the first visit with your doctor, you should discuss your reasons for wanting to undergo this type of procedure and state your expectations about the expected results.

You should be aware that laser facial rejuvenation is not suitable for all skin types. For those with darker skin, it may take six to nine months to restore normal skin pigmentation after application of the procedure. In addition, if you are medicating with a substance that increases scarring or skin disorders, you will not be a good candidate for this treatment. These issues should be evaluated by a dermatologist before starting any procedure to rejuvenate skin, and the care that must be taken after.

Booty Enhancement Cream – A Natural Means To Enlarge Your Butt

Are you thinking of increasing the sizes of your butts with plastic surgery? Do you know you can also increase the sizes of your butts naturally? Then read on. In the past, people use to consider having big butts as a curse, but now things have changed. Having big butts that can fill out a jean has become every woman’s dream. Butt enhancement has become one of the most discussed topics amongst women. Most of the gossips between two women could be about the sizes of another woman’s butts.

Not all women are blessed with big butts, and many in this category are already considering butt enhancement with surgery. But the risks and consequences of enlarging the butt through surgical operations can be devastating. Things can even get worse if care is not taken. The good news is that you can enlarge your butts in a natural way using booty enhancement cream.

One interesting thing about using cream is the absence of risk. The butt cream is full of natural ingredients that help to tackle the source of the problem head-on. This butt enhancement cream will give you a firm, smooth and plump rear end you have always dreamed about. It does not contain any ingredient that can cause side effects.

Where to buy cream for butt enhancement

You can buy cream for butt enhancement online. The cream is cheaper online and once an order is placed, the product will be delivered to your doorsteps. Buy your cream from a trusted supplier online. Avoid fake products from fraudsters, to protect your health and money.

What is Glucomannan?

Glucomannan is not a strange health supplement among those who are struggling to keep their weight in check. Manufactured from the extract of elephant yam, the health supplement is the ideal drug for losing unwanted weight as a testimony to the potency of the most important ingredient of the Glucomannan supplement.

By helping you to cut down your calorie and fat consumption, the supplement possess the right ingredients to help you control your weight and lose every unwanted weight that is insidious to your health.

Where to buy Glucomannan supplement

You can buy Glucomannan from many sources including many online stores. The best of the lot is www.rightshape.com. This credible online pharmacy is where the quality of the supplement you purchase is guaranteed. Place an order and test the credibility of the store to make good health achievable for people.

Glucomannan health supplement review

As a very effective supplement against obesity, Glucomannan has been used by many people to overcome this health challenge. Here are some of their reviews:

Patricia Buckley

Amazing!!! Couldn’t be happier I’ve lost 28 lbs in 3 months.


This seemed to work as I did feel fuller. The only problem for me, which may not affect others, the directions say to take 3 capsules 1-2 times daily 30-45 minutes before a meal. Would be sitting down and eating before I remembered the capsules. When I did take as instructed, I did feel fuller. Did seem to help in regularity when I was taking as directed.


Forskolin is a chemical substance gotten from a plant called Coleus forskohlii and it is used to lower your appetite and boost metabolism. This can be carried out through breaking down all the fat tissues in your body and prohibiting new fat tissue from coming up. Forskolin is also known in giving a good opportunity for weight loss and many advantages which help the body systems because it is antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-protozoan in which they all perform its activities.

Benefits of forskolin

There are many benefits of the natural supplement and few are listed and explained below.

  • Good for weight loss

The supplement has been tested many years ago and a good result of it reducing and obese person or overweight being was produced. This test was conducted in 2005 on 30 obsessed men by the University of Kansas. It can also be used to help manage a healthy weight and prevent weight gain.

  • Reduction of high blood pressure

High blood pressure is a deadly disease that affects the circulation of blood around the body system. Taking one capsule which contains 10% extract may help reduce the pressure of the blood flow and strengthen the cardiac muscles which help regulate the heartbeat.

  • Helps in eye problems and glaucoma

1% eye drop of this supplement, 3times a day helps to reduce the intraocular pressure inside the eyes.

  • Effective on cancer treatment

This supplement activates the protein phosphatase, which enzyme causes rapid rates of cell division. It also activates the enzymes that had anti-tumor effects on cancer tumors, therefore, stopping the growth. It has a positive effect on stopping or slowing ant-cancer tumors.